F-Type Connector Modules

F-Type modules provide one or two F-type feed-thru connectors. F-type 75-Ohm radio-frequency connectors are used for connecting Series 59, Series 6, and Series 11 coaxial cable to video, CATV, and security cameras. The most widely used connector for residential cable service. F-type connectors do not have center pins. Instead, they use the solid center conductor of the cable as a center pin. For this reason, F-type connectors cannot be used with cables that have a stranded center conductor. Usage of the cable center conductor in-stead of a pin makes F-type comparatively inexpensive.
Connectors are 75 Ohm and are rated for 3-GHz performance. Modules feature a front-loading snap-in design, allowing quick and easy outlet configuration and field changes. F-Type feed-thru modules are compatible with all Signamax keystone panels, faceplates and surface-mount boxes.