Category 6 Unscreened Jack Patch Panels

The Signamax Category 6 Unscreened Jack Patch Panels were designed to feature a removable front cover for easy access to the front-facing RJ-45 and 110 connectors. This front cover offers protection and access from any direction for the distribution cables via the knock-outs along the sides.

There are several options in this series. An option with standoff legs for routing cables behind the panel and another for DIN-Rail mounting. All options are available in 6 or 12 port versions featuring a clear hinged window for port identification and a fully enclosed PCB design providing flexibility and protection for the printed circuitry during termination. The unique socket contact design allows enhanced plug-to-jack connection integrity for the highest level of system reliability.

Product Insight: Integration of Diversity (PDF 1 Mb) Revised 08.18.2016