Category 6 MT-Series Screened Angled Patch Panels

The Signamax Category 6 MT-Series Screened Angled Patch Panels are designed to offer a complete panel and jack option. The MT-series includes the option of a 24, 48, or 72 port panel, and screened snap-in keystone jacks. This space saving angled design allows easy termination and flexibility for future adds, moves or changes, giving installers the perfect cost effective solution for Category 6 applications.

The keystone jacks’ solid-metal shielding eliminates EMI, and in lieu of fixed termination, a standard single-position 110 termination tool or a specialized Signamax multi-pair tool can be used. For easy circuit identification, each port designation features a labeling area with a reference number. The keystone jacks are rated for a minimum of 750 plug insertions providing for the highest level of system reliability.