100BaseFX/BX WDM SFP Fiber Modules – 2 km

The Signamax 065-73-MWx15 series models are Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) multimode fiber modules that support fiber Fast Ethernet or SONET OC-3 / SDH STM-1 over a single strand of multimode fiber cable at distances up to 2 kilometers. There are two types of models in this series: one transmits at 1310 nm and receives at 1550 nm (model 065-73-MWA15), and the other transmits at 1550 nm and receives at 1310 nm (model 065-73-MWB15).

These modules are designed to be used in pairs facing each other across a single stand of multimode fiber.  They are a cost-effective method of providing changeable 100Base Fast Ethernet or SONET OC-3 / SDH STM-1 single-fiber multimode interfaces to switches and media converters equipped with standard 100Base-capable SFP ports.